Future Directions and Development of Wooling Hill

We are excited to announce our vision for the future of Wooling Hill Memorial Estate.

Our revitalisation project will begin in July 2020 – Stage 1 will be completed within 12 months. The gardens will have been planted with mature trees and water features to ensure the sanctuary can establish itself and allow the community to see the vision for the remainder of the sanctuary in years to come.

The entrance zone will provide plentiful parking, and vehicles will not progress and intrude. Guests will be encouraged to take their time and walk the property; however, electric transport options are planned for those who require assistance.

The sanctuary’s gardens will be designed for guests to linger and wander, through the themed area. These will include private family gardens that will be privately gated. Visitors, however, will still have glimpses of the design and foliage.

Guests will be able to pre-order hampers stocked with local produce from Gisborne providers. There will be a playground for the young ones, while others merely reminisce, relax, chat and explore.

Research and Development in the environment will be a focus. We will work with the higher education sector and scientists for direct improvements to land and sustainability. Wooling Hill will also aim to be significantly ‘off the grid’ for water and power.

Wooling Hill has partnered with McCabe Architects to design our waterfront chapel and reflection space. See our vision below set against one of Wooling Hill’s tranquil ‘Trilogy Lakes’.