What if trees were the new cemeteries? What if people’s ashes could live on with trees? People could connect to the beauty that life created as opposed to what’s lost.

Our process uses proven science to transform the ashes so they can nurture and sustain a tree which family and friends can celebrate the beauty that life creates.

The sustainable solution to traditional cemeteries

Living Legacy have scientifically pioneered a way to treat a loved one’s ashes and create living molecules from them so that their energy can live on through trees. The treated ashes are planted beneath a private tree where loved ones can visit and celebrate their life for many years to come.


The science of change – the truth about ashes

The Living Legacy treatment converts ashes into living molecules that help trees grow.

The myth is that human ashes are the same as wood ashes and are good for nature. The truth is untreated cremation ashes have the same pH as bleach and oven cleaner and are proven to cause lasting harm to soil and tree health.

We have perfected an organic treatment that detoxifies and unlocks hidden nutrients from human ashes.


Our mission is to connect people to beauty that life creates by planting living memorial forests which honour and perpetuate life. Register your interest with Living Legacy Forest.


“It was such as nice feeling for us to be able to be part of preparing our own resting place. With the freshness and freedom of such a beautiful location together with the knowing that our final location will be part of the environment as part of our favourite gum tree, the Citriodora, a tree that has been part of our whole married life at our family home and it will continue to be here. Thank you for creating a concept that allows a more sustainable way of remembering our loved ones and benefiting the planet with reforestation.”

Mel Constable

“Mum loved  best being out and about in the Aussie ‘bush’. It is fitting she is now ‘home among the gum trees’.”

Andrea Garvey

“Dad and I enjoyed [Mum] becoming a tree… As a mathematician and environmental scientist, we knew the first law of thermodynamics – that matter can’t be created or destroyed, it just transforms.”

Osborne Family

“We thank you with all our hearts for providing this most beautiful opportunity. Today we planted our tree in memory of my son. Not only has this brought us peace knowing that we can continue to experience my son’s life through the growth and beauty from our tree over many years, but his legacy lives on with 500 trees planted in forests. If everyone does this we can all make a difference.”

Diane Rich


Your ashes are placed beneath a private tree in a peaceful forest where your loved ones can visit and remember you.


Be a part of the community that are creating new forests that connect people to the beauty that life created.


By treating our family, friends and the earth in this sacred way we restore our relationship to the earth and life itself.


Save thousands on funeral costs and save the planet simply by becoming a tree

The free guide outlines the steps to choosing the tree that’s right for you so you can be part of the national community that is creating new legacy forests together.

For more information about living legacy forests – click here.