Wooling Hill’s Eco-Protection and Mutual Respect Policy

Wooling Hill prides itself on the natural botanical sanctuary that is home, and final resting place to so many family’s loved ones.

The process of creating a unique memorial space that reflects and honours each and every person that is interred at Wooling Hill is a very personal experience. The ritual of visitation and placement of tributes is equally significant and highly valued as part of the Wooling Hill ethos.

As a shared community space it is important that we all maintain the delicate balance between our right to visit and pay respect to our loved ones, with our shared responsibility to respect the natural landscape and wildlife that makes Wooling Hill such a special place.

Fresh or dried flowers over plastic:

Whilst the placement of artificial flowers at memorial sites may provide a decorative and personalised touch to your loved ones memorial space, they unfortunately present a significant issue to the environment and native wildlife.

For these reasons and as a sign of mutual respect toward others that share this sacred space we respectfully ask that you do not place artificial mementos and plastic flowers around memorials. If you are unable to purchase fresh flowers, you may simply pick some from home or alternatively Wooling Hill has a field of daffodils available to the public to be picked and placed when you visit.

The grounds at Wooling Hill are routinely cared for by our onsite gardeners and horticulturalists to ensure that the integrity of each memorial site is maintained throughout the year. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in making sure that Wooling Hill remains a beautiful space for all to visit.


For more information regarding plastic and the environment please visit: https://www.wwf.org.au/get-involved/plastics#gs.f2z9jl